The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced this week the eleven technologies and practices that  are being promoted as part of the fourth-round of Every Day Counts (EDC) for 2017-2018. EDC is FHWA’s state-based initiative to deploy proven innovations to shorten and enhance project delivery. FHWA will offer technical assistance, training and resources to help transportation agencies and stakeholders adopt the innovations in 2017 and 2018.

The EDC-4 innovations include: advanced hydraulic modeling tools, targeted pavement preservation treatments, cost-effective pedestrian safety strategies, weather-savvy roads, community connections, data-driven safety analysis, e-construction and partnering, integrating NEPA and permitting, pavement preservation, road weather management,  safe transportation for pedestrians, and ultra-high performance concrete connections for prefabricated bridge elements..

Every two years, FHWA works with the transportation community to identify a new set of innovations that merit widespread deployment through EDC. AGC submitted comments on FHWA’s call for suggestions for EDC-4, including partnering and e-construction. Regional summits are planned for this fall to discuss implementation.