AGC FEC Board Meeting Agenda – June 23, 2022

Welcome, Conflicts of Interest, Antitrust1

Call to Order — Ciabattari

Roll Call and Establish Quorum — DePotter

Staff Introduction — DePotter

  1. Trish Counterman

Financial Management — Muller/DePotter

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Two Months & Four Months Ended
  3. Executed Settlement Statement
  4. EC Special Meeting Minutes 6.9.2022

Strategic Goals

      Advocacy, Government Affairs & Industry Relations — DePotter

  1. Government Affairs & Industry Report

      Education, Training & Technology, Safety — DePotter

  1. STP & Online Construction Classes
  2. Susan Hardwood Grant Trenching & Excavation Training

      Advance — DePotter

  1. Membership Report
  2. Request for Membership Approval

Unfinished Business

  • Board Seat – Mike SenecalDePotter
  • PBC OEBO SeatDePotter
  • Build Florida AwardsCiabattari

New Business — DePotter

  1. Thirsty Thursdays

Adjournment — Ciabattari

Major Event Dates

          November 4th & 5th – 17th Annual AGC FEC Clay Shoot

Mission Statement

Advocate, Educate, Advance

To provide AGC Florida East Coast Chapter members a competitive edge through advocacy, education and connectivity; to advance and protect the construction profession, promoting skill, integrity and responsibility of our industry, while increasing public awareness as the local voice of construction.

1Chief elected officer reminds group about antitrust avoidance (FTC concern), asks if anybody has a conflict with today’s agenda (IRS concern), and maintaining confidentiality.